Pakistani Men are forcing Women Lawmakers to Wear Hijab

Hijab/Niqab is “of course a choice” whenever the pious Muslims speak to western media, however, the reality is the exact opposite. A private organization (with official support) is “persuading” female lawmakers to wear hijab throughout Pakistan.

Pakistan is under increasing pressure from Saudi-influenced and funded groups to Arabize the country in all walks of life – from dress code to license plates showing Al-Bakistan.

A private organization working for the promotion of hijab among women is going to start a campaign across the country to persuade all women legislators to wear hijab.

Aalmi Chaddar Orh Tehrik, headed by Pir Kabir Ali Shah, at a ceremony on the World Hijab Day at the Alhamra Art Centre yesterday demanded ban through legislation on the use of mobile phones by female students in all educational institutions.

It also urged Pemra to order all female TV anchors to wear hijab while presenting their programs.

The Tehrik, since its inception, has distributed about 550,000 chaddars among women belonging to various walks of life to motivate them to dress themselves according to Islamic tenets.

Through a resolution adopted on the occasion, the participants called upon the government functionaries not to shake hands with women during their foreign visits.

The resolution also called for a ban on Indian films, music and journals as they were like cultural invasion of Pakistan.

The Tehrik will launch an awareness campaign to counter the vulgarity being promoted through morning shows of TV channels.

Justice (r) Nazir Ghazi, Justice (r) Ahmed Farooq Sheikh, Pir Ahmed Sibtain Haider, Brig (r) Muhammad Ilyas Chaudhry, Syed Naeemul Hasan Shah, Syed Jawad Ali Shah and Syed Mustafeen Haider Shah were among the speakers.

Partial reporting from The Nation


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