Malala has become a millionaire, so what?

By Nazrana Yousufzai

The news report of Malala family becoming a millionaire is already hitting social media and people who have always been critical of her, are now speculating that she is keeping Malala Fund’s money in her personal account; a baseless allegation.

Malala Yousufzai, now 18, is the youngest person to win the Nobel peace prize. Since becoming a global star, Malala has been treated with fanciful respect around the globe except in her own hometown, where most of the Pakistanis see her as an exploiter and “foreign agent”. The report that made immediate news in Pakistani newspapers is now another topic for the people who couldn’t digest Malala surviving a fatal attack.

Before we fall for any propaganda, let’s take a step back and look at how has she earned this money? A company set up to protect the rights to her life story had 2.2 million pounds ($3 Million) in the bank by August 2015 and made a pre-tax profit of 1.1 million pounds. Malala, her father Ziauddin Yousafzai, and her mother Toor Pekai are joint shareholders of the company, Salarzai Ltd, The Times` reported.

Malala book “I am Malala” has sold 1.8 million copies and her book is one of the bestsellers for the last few years. The sale shows that people around the globe were highly interested to read the story of a girl, who became a threat to Taliban’s ideology even before turning a teen, this also indicate that people wanted to help Malala fulfilling her dreams of a better world where no child is denied his/her fundamental right; education.

Since the publication of Malala’s book, Malala and her family have donated more than $1 million to charities, mostly for education-focused projects across the world including Pakistan.

Lets applaud her for the courage and appreciate the world for reading and valuing her story, a girl who was almost killed is now a symbol of resistance to the terrorists’ version of the religion. Malala has certainly become a millionaire, but that doesn’t mean she has stolen it. For once, lets give a break to the conspiracy theories!

Nazrana Yousufzai

The author is from Swat, Pakistan, currently based in Washington DC. She is a Human Rights lawyer by training and a journalist by profession. She tweets:

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    Your surname actually qualifies you as the best lawyer for a traitor such as her.


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