Encounter with Islamophobes in America!

I was waiting in the queue at Starbucks to get my first cup of coffee on a busy Monday morning, when a white lady standing behind me intentionally pushed me with her elbow. I looked back at her, yes that’s when I saw that countenance of “Islamophobia” in her eyes. Although she said sorry when I looked angrily at her, but it didn’t mean much since I was humiliated for my faith, for being a true Muslim.

Anyways, It wasn’t the end of my encounter with “Islamophobes” that day. I ordered my three shots of espresso, tall coffee. The lady on the counter asked me rudely to wait, as she wanted to serve other customers standing behind me. I waited for my coffee for more than five minutes and when I started realizing that the Starbucks crew might be discriminating against me, because I was a Muslim, I approached to the lady on the counter and inquired about my coffee’s order status.

I got my coffee, but the humiliation I felt that day is unexplainable, I felt uncomfortable but thanks Allah, the liberals in this country and all over the West will take my story and publish it in popular media outlets.  Don’t believe me? Pick a copy of NY Times, The Guardian, Independent, and you will get your answer.

Alas, the story of bigotry and Islamophobia didn’t end there. The next day, I had a flight to Las Vegas for my two weeks vacations. On the plane, the airhostess intentionally passed me a can of beer just to remind me that she hated my religion. I told her its haram in my Deen, how dare she mocked my pure religion, the only true religion of the world. She could have just passed me a can of coke or sprite but she didn’t.

Only a Muslim can understand my feelings. It’s almost impossible to live in this country as a Muslim. I have been reading stories of Muslims humiliated for who they are and I highly feel for them. That’s why I decided to share my story with all of you too. Please empathize with me, I am begging for your attention!

You will never come across a non-Muslim who was interrogated at the airport, asked to leave the plane or forced to wait for coffee for five minutes. This kind of special treatment is only specific for Muslims. Hope one day, I will be able to be considered equal citizen of this country as Muslim countries consider them equal.

Khaperai Yousufzai

Khaperia Yousufzai is from the land of Yousufzais, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Currently hiding behind a pseudonym. She writes on everything but claims to know nothing.

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