Thanks for your interest in contributing to Alternative Perspectives!

We are looking for freelance writers who want to highlight alternative views of the issues surrounding us. We would love to hear your personal experience, especially if you can share detailed account of the events surrounding you.

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Here are some useful guidelines:

  • Get a feel for the tone of our site, we promote alternative views. We would love to see your views on politics, Islamism, gender issues, and controversial and taboo topics. We would consider other topics as well if they are aligned with our mission.

  • We are informative, relaxed and excited about issues which are hardly covered by others. Aim for 700 to 900 words, but we will accept any length of writings. Make sure to include hyperlinks in your piece to support your arguments.

  • We accept only ready-to-go original works. We screen them per our editorial policy. When we are convinced they are good, we publish them with no or minimal adjustments, sometimes on the same day as receipt.

  • Include a two-sentence bio at the bottom of your post. Share a bit about yourself and your experience. What makes you an expert on your topic? Feel free to add a link to your website, blog or social media profile so readers can find you.

  • Is there anything interesting to say about the work? We can introduce things with an editor’s note that may not be appropriate in the introduction to or body of the work. In particular, commentary with regard to the genesis of the work or initial reception of it, etc. are often useful to set a context for readers.

  • If you have a Twitter account or a Facebook page that you will use to publicize the piece, please include that information so we can include your tags when we announce the piece via Twitter and Facebook.

    Looking forward to your contributions.

    AP Team