Why Alternative Perspectives on Pakistan?

So why does the world need another media platform in the post-mass media period? Well, several reason.

First, in today’s post-mass media world, there is no Walter Cronkite reaching tens of millions of Americans every night. There is no Pakistani State media (PTV) or Indian DoorDarshan controlling and building the narrative of hundreds of millions of people. Now there are many outlets on many platforms and then there is social media!

Second, there is a tendency to promote the popular views held by the majority, there is no room for speaking for the “fringe”.

Third, we cannot let lies told so convincingly, and told so often across so many platforms, to so many people, go unchallenged.

There are great journalists working at the broadcast television networks, and major newspapers, but, the reality is most people don’t have the time or inclination to sample a number of sources. They want to stay tuned to one portal, their comfort zone so to speak and that’s where we come in.

As they say “If you have only one news source, you are under-informed, misinformed, or uninformed”. Instead, we want to keep you well-informed by combining multiple sources.

Stay tuned for some great alternative perspectives on Pakistan and the world around us and do let us know what you think by providing your feedback!

Dr. Asim Yousafzai

Twitter: @asimusafzai

Co-Founder & Editor