Our Mission

Welcome to Alternative Perspectives. We are a group of professionals, with specialties in diverse fields, committed to promote alternative voices on important issues and policies that concern and sometimes bewilder us. AP is a platform for anyone who wants to see things change for better in a world marred by religiously-inspired violence, disturbingly rising Islamism, terrorism, sectarian and communal violence, minority persecution and a general sense of chaos. We want to counter the current archaic narratives and present our own counter narratives that fit in 21st century and beyond.

We are dedicated to promote alternative voices from all – regardless of sexual orientation, skin color, nationality, religion, race and ethnic origin. Our societal ills are too many and too complex but we will focus on a few taboos – topics others are not willing to discuss. We deserve and need an honest, reality-based alternative platform to channel our energies in a positive manner and to construct alternative narratives.

Humans evolved over millions of years and we need to find solutions to our own problems rather than relying on some archaic texts. We are 7.5 Billion species with unique problems that need realistic solutions. Come join us, let’s raise our voices in an unapologetic, meaningful and forceful manner.


AP Team